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Saving the youth

With hundreds of LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*) organizations existing; and new ones being created every day- we can see a rise of youth coming out younger and younger about their sexual identities. The plethora of organizations does not mean society is accepting of those not fitting into acceptable binaries. Society is still plagued by homophobia which includes a wide variety of negative feelings and thoughts towards homosexuality and those identifying as being a part of the LGBT community. This mentality has long impacted those a part of the community, especially the minorities but more than ever the LGBT youth have had devastating reactions to the disapproval society has shown them.

Being outcasted by society means LGBT peoples must rely on personal communities, religious circles, and most importantly family, but they can too can have a homophobic nature. Due to a lack of support and acceptance at home and school there are more and more new stories of the youth in this demographic committing suicide and having suicidal thoughts. It has been shown that up to 40% of homeless youth are LGBT and of those forced onto the street many get into prostitution just to survive (1). This is a vicious cycle that wont stop until we become available to listen and accept our youth during one of the most critical stages in their lives. Until we can understand that our actions cause detrimental reactions. #YouthAlive

Listen, watch, and read common stories of the lives of lgbt youth today.



Find more organizations aiming to make inform the public and raise their voices.

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